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Our client wanted to celebrate their 50th birthday with an authentic 1980’s themed party to be held in a marquee in the grounds of their home. The grounds were being landscaped and the area where the marquee would be situated was on a steep gradient with electricity pylons. This is the sort of production challenge that we relish as we have decades of in-house technical experience and expertise.

The party was an extravagantly themed and truly authentic 80’s night and we thoroughly enjoyed creatively designing the environment. Bespoke iconic 80’s memorabilia filled the space along with a vibrant shocking pink carpet reflecting the colourful retro vibe of the era.

Our wonderful DJ Rosie fell in love with her boombox DJ booth. The 80’s was the decade of indulgence and guests at this party were suitably spoilt with themed cocktails and sublime catering served from an outdoor kitchen. Guests felt like they’d be transported back in time.

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